About Us

Lyallpur Shopping Solutions was founded in August 2012 by Mr. Faisal Jahangir. Being from a business oriented family that has been engaged in Fuel and Lubricants business for over 70 years with strong goodwill and having personal experience of more than 17 years in various fields naming Customer Services, Computers and IT, Internet Marketing, International Customer Relations, Textiles, Telecommunications; compelled him to lay foundations for an online retail store.

Not only was it the trending business in those days but it seemed to be the need of the hour since people didn’t seem to be satisfied with the quality of services and products being provided by existing online stores in the market. Some complained about the poor quality of products while others said they didn’t receive what they were shown. In some cases, order was placed at one store and delivered by 3rd or 4th referral or affiliated stores, causing miscommunication in customer requirements, delayed shipments and wrong products being delivered to the customers. Some online store didn’t even have the physical stock with them, they were only posting catchy Pictures to lure the customers to place the order with them and then acquire the product from the market once the order was confirmed.

In order to overcome these problems faced by the people and the challenges for us we decided to raise the bar for ourselves. We decided to post only those products on our Facebook page and Website that we had in physical stock with us. Not only that we also shot original pictures of those products at our own studio making sure customers would get exactly what they see and order on our store.

Only after a few months of starting our online store we received a buying request from a customer outside Pakistan. This enabled us to broaden our vision, our store’s capability and outlook as per international standards from the very beginning. That is the reason every business move we make has not only local but international customers in mind. Soon after dispatching our first international order we realized that in order to make the process smooth for online shoppers outside Pakistan, we need to acquire legitimate PayPal account and so we did it.

Currently, we are serving international customers by means of PayPal Invoice once they place the order at our website.

We continue to enhance our services, processes and outlook to be in line with the global trends while keeping our signature attributes of quality and transparency strong and of highest priority ever.

We are currently dealing in Mobile Phone Accessories, Electronics, Clothing, Genuine Leather Products, Unique Collectible Items, Sunglasses, Eyeglasses Frames and some Miscellaneous Products.

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